About Us - AppClay

AppClay , conceived and created by core development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, is an esteemed intuitive interface that enables each one of us- become an App developer effortlessly without any coding, software installation, maintenance and financial investment. Anyone can use AppClay to create HTML5 and ANDROID native Apps supported by all widely popular devices. App’s features such as Home Page, Item lists, menus, map, picture gallery, audio-video uploads, social connect, about us page and many more can be created on the fly. With AppClay, it just takes few clicks to convert your App into live App. On the top of all, absolutely no coding is required to create the App while you use AppClay. AppClay is for everyone...may it be writers, celebrities, actors, restraint owners, homemakers, student, musicians, or anyone else. AppClay have been developed by ShepHertz Technologies using their flagship product- App42 Cloud Platform. AppClay as a product adheres to the vision of ShepHertz to provide a handy toolkit facilitating everyone creating and sharing Apps. Other products in the ShepHertz treasure store include:

App42 Cloud APIs

The App42 Cloud API's consists of a REST based service having JSON and XML interface. Around 18+ modules with over 300+APIs are available to help developers for app development irrespective of the type or domain of the app. App42 renders technical as well as business services as Cloud APIs for platform agnostic app development. It supports Windows 7, J2ME, iOS, Android or HTML5 with languages such as Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, or C# that allow easy integration of the API's with App codes. With minimal coding, the App developers get access to the Cloud API services. Developing simple to complex app is a quick play using App42 Cloud APIs.


AppWarp is a device agnostic Cloud based Massive Multiplayer Gaming and Virtual World Platform. A wide range of client side SDKs are available that empowers you to build apps which can run on any device and facilitates interactions among users on different platforms through the app. SDKs are available for all Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. In order to alleviate interaction between the app users in virtual rooms and lobbies, powerful client side constructs are also available. APIs for activities such as joining a room, subscribing notifications, sending chat messages etc. are also available. Custom data associated with virtual rooms and online users can be sent and retrieved using available APIS in order to aide developing app specific logic. Our customised binary protocol administers the communications between different devices and the cloud server which enhances the throughput for the app along with reducing the message size.


AppHawk is a simple yet efficient tool that greases the wheels of developers in order to manage their users, tasks, requirements, increments, estimation, costing, documents and collaboration tools for communication and sharing information and documents on the cloud. AppHawk is a complete management system for the planning and development of a project. AppHawk offers you an intuitive interface to take care of important aspects in your project development process may it be cost estimation, user management, risk management or even revenue generation without any frills and fancies. Focusing on cloud projects, AppHawk helps you manage your cloud resources, budget as well all other the factors associated with your project.


AppHQ offers the management console for App42 Cloud API and AppWarp. AppHQ can be signified as the admin interface enabling developers to administer and manage their apps. All the info and specifications created by apps using APIs can also be viewed by logging into AppHQ console. For instance, if an album is created using APIs on the cloud, the information of the album and photos added to the album is visible on AppHQ. Usage details of App42 Cloud API and AppWarp is also available on AppHQ.


Shared and Dedicated Cloud Containers
Launching soon...
An application which will allow deployment of your apps on our containers! Life cycles of your apps will be managed by us and the degree of management will be dependent on the type of container on which app will be deployed. We are in the testing phase of this application and about to launch this application soon…so keep watching this space!