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App42 Cloud API's

The App42 Cloud API's consists of a REST based service which has a JSON and XML interface. There are around 16+ modules with over 300+ API's which will help developers to develop their applications; irrespective of the type or domain of the App they are developing. Technical as well as business services are provided by App42 Cloud API. These APIs are platform agnostic and support Windows 7, J2ME, iOS, Aondroid or HTML5 with all popular languages like Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, or C# which will enable easy integration of the API's into the App code.


AppWarp is a device agnostic Cloud based Massive Multiplayer Gaming and Virtual World Platform. Cloud based Massive Multiplayer Gaming and Virtual World Platform. Client side SDKs are available for all the popular platforms. This allows you to build applications that can run on any device and users on different platforms can interact with each other through your application. We provide SDKs for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. AppWarp provides powerful client-side constructs for the application's users to interact in virtual rooms and lobbies.


Manage you Project users, tasks, requirements, increments, estimation, costing, documents and collaboration tools for communication and sharing information and documents. AppHawk also has got a simple but effective defect\Issue Management to track, allocate and monitor your project issues. Special focus has been on Cloud Projects e.g. Manage your Cloud resources , also manage their recurring Budget and revenue earnings with commissions.