FAQ AppClay

Q: What kind of Apps can I make with AppClay?

You can create diversified HTML5 and native Android Apps using AppClay. Whether you are a celebrity, homemaker, entrepreneur, sportsperson, traveller, student, architect, musician, or anyone else, AppClay brings you an interactive and intuitive interface with, which you can create your own beautiful Apps without any coding. You can create your own recipe book, business catalogues for your services and product, profile, travelogue, photo/image gallery, events, biography, art gallery, music collection, and a lot more. It is quick, simple and easy to create your Apps with AppClay without writing any code. You can even publish your Apps with AppClay Apps and make them visible globally.

Q: How can I update my users in case any changes are made to my native Android App?

If any changes are made to the App such as description, icons, images, audio/ video etc, will be reflected in your app immediately. In case, any feature update takes place, automated prompts will be shown by the App to the its users when they re-open the App.

Q: What will happen if my usage increases more than my subscribed package in a month?

In case your usage reaches the limit of subscribed package, you will be notified for the same. Extra usage will be charged as per mentioned in pricing plan (http://appclay.shephertz.com/pricing). You will always have an option to upgrade for a higher package in case your usage is exceeding over and above your plan.

Q: What kind of words/ phrases should I add in the keyword section?

Keyword section has been created to enhance the visibility of your App. You can specify any relevant words/ phrases that can serve as the search criteria for your published HTML5 App. On the other hand, specified keywords for your Android App will make your published App visible in top search results on AppClay Apps thereby increasing App’s visibility. This will also help you market your App effortlessly.

Q: What is the benefit of publishing my App on AppClay Apps?

AppClay Apps is actually a market place to showcase your App. AppClay also enables your published App to be shared across the globe. People from any geographical area can access and download your App. Your App can also be reviewed and rated by people letting you know the success rate of the App. It will increase the visibility of your app.